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Virginia’s Medicaid Work Requirements Are Still Up in the Air


Credit: NPR

Virginia is still waiting on the federal government to make a determination on work requirements for Medicaid expansion. And, new research shows they might be counterproductive. Michael Pope reports.

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Will Virginia’s Medicaid Work Requirements Ever Happen?


Credit: MBandman / Creative Commons

182,000 people are about to get health insurance now that Virginia is finally expanding Medicaid. And, they will not have to meet the work requirement to get those benefits. At least not yet. Michael Pope reports.


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Even With Medicaid Expansion, There’s Still Debate Over Work Requirements

StateSeal00Democrats have been trying to expand Medicaid for years, and they were unsuccessful until this year when they cut a deal with Republicans to institute work requirements. Now, as Michael Pope reports, those work requirements are creating a new set of difficulties.


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