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Voting in a Pandemic: Should Virginia Move to Mail-In Ballots?

voting_rights_3002112985_80b5a719b1Should election officials in Virginia move to a system of mail-in ballots? The pandemic is raising new questions about how ballots are cast. Michael Pope reports.

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Beyer and Other House Democrats Are Pushing Ranked Choice Voting

voting_rights_3002112985_80b5a719b1Should voters have more choices when they are at the polls? One Virginia congressman wants to create a new system of ranked choice voting. Michael Pope reports.

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Debate Surrounding the Voting Process in Virginia Remains

Gerry Connolly

Congressman Gerry Connolly, seen here at an election party last November, believes the voting process is broken. (Credit: Steve Helber / AP)

Do election officials have the equipment they need to prevent voters waiting in line for hours on end? One Virginia congressman says no, and he has a plan to fix it. But as Michael Pope reports, that plan may be headed for the same gridlock that confronts other changes to voting systems.

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