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Virginia Lawmakers’ Differing Views on Trump’s Voting Commission

Kris Kobach

In this photo, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach speaks with a reporter in his office in Topeka, Kansas. Kobach is the vice chair of President Donald Trump’s election fraud commission. (Credit: AP Photo / Orlin Wagner, File)

President Donald Trump is backing up his unfounded claim that millions of illegal votes were cast for his opponent with a commission to investigate voter fraud. Washington correspondent Matt Laslo reports that many lawmakers from our region are dubious of the commission, and some Republicans wonder if it’s a top priority.


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Trump Won the Election, But is Still Concerned About Voter Fraud in Virginia


Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons

President-elect Donald Trump may have won the election. But he’s now claiming that “serious voter fraud” happened in Virginia. Michael Pope has the story.

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