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Key Ingredient In Craft Beer Boom Finally Taking Off In Virginia

craftbeerVirginia’s beer industry is booming. Some brewers wonder, though, if the state is doing enough to nurture homegrown brewers and the local farmers who want to supply them the grain. Jessie Knadler reports.

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Blacksburg Vigil for Charlottesville



Across Virginia, people gathered to remember those killed and injured in Saturday’s violence. In Blacksburg, the Coalition for Justice held a vigil against hate in solidarity with counter protesters in Charlottesville. Robbie Harris was there.

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Blacksburg Based Company Completes Road Trip with Self Driving Car


The TORC self-driving car in front of Virginia’s Executive Mansion Wednesday, at the end of its cross-country road trip. (Credit: Mallory Noe-Payne / RADIO IQ)

More than ten years ago, a small team of students and engineers from Virginia Tech won big at a national contest for software that allowed a car to drive all on its own.

That technology has since grown into a successful Blacksburg-based company that’s on the cutting edge of self-driving technology.

The company just completed its first cross-country road trip, and Mallory Noe-Payne was there as they pulled into their final stop.

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Group Meeting at Virginia Tech Aims to Grow Engineering Degrees


Members of the NSBE’s Region IV pose for a picture during this week’s National Leadership Conference. (Credit: Da’Jah Jones / RADIO IQ)

Top leaders of the National Society of Black Engineers are meeting this week at Virginia Tech to discuss how to drastically increase the number of black engineering degrees. Nick Gilmore stopped by and filed this report.


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CubeFest to Crank the Sound Way Beyond ’11’

Virginia Tech, Center for the Arts

Virginia Tech, Center for the Arts, Location: Blacksburg VA, Architect: Snohetta

“Spatial Music” is an immersive roomful of sound that is so new it can be heard in only a few places on the planet. One of them is Blacksburg, Virginia, where you’ll find a venue called “The Cube” at the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech.  This week, a three-day “spatial music festival” will explore the new medium with a concert series and workshops. Robbie Harris has more on what this new venue, and its 2 tons of audio equipment, can do.

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