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Virginia Senators Censure Amanda Chase

State Senator Amanda Chase (Credit: Senate of Virginia)

Members of the Virginia Senate are taking action to censure one of their own. Michael Pope reports.

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Voting in a Pandemic: Drop Boxes Legislation Moves Forward in Virginia Senate

voting_rights_3002112985_80b5a719b1Lawmakers in Richmond are considering a plan to fund drop boxes for ballots across Virginia. Michael Pope reports.

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Legislating in the Era of COVID: Zoom Meetings and Electronic Votes


Republican Senate Minority Leader Tommy Norment says the Senate has never voted on anything virtually, and he warns it will be a “dangerous precedent” to start voting via Zoom during Monday’s Senate Finance & Appropriations Committee meeting.

Members of the Virginia Senate are joining the era of Zoom, voting electronically during a special session. Michael Pope reports.

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Several Criminal Justice Reform Bills Quickly Pass Through Senate Panel

StateSeal00Lawmakers are back in Richmond, and they’re already taking action on reforming policing. Michael Pope reports.

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Lucas Charges Had Lawmakers Buzzing on First Day of Special Session


President Pro Tempore of the Senate Louise Lucas
moves that the Senate adjourn until, ending the chamber’s first day of special session. Lucas has been the center of attention this week because the Portsmouth Police Department
is charging her with “injury” to a Confederate monument (Credit: Michael Pope)

As lawmakers arrived in Richmond for a special session to rewrite the budget and adopt criminal justice reform, lawmakers are buzzing about one of their own members charged with a felony. Michael Pope has the story.

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