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Urban-Rural Divide: Examining Incarceration Rates at Rural Jails Across Virginia


Credit: Vera Institute

Virginia’s rural communities are struggling with an aging population and stagnant job growth. And there’s another trend behind bars. Michael Pope reports.


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Lawsuit Could Free Some State Prisoners

Virginia DOC

Governor Northam has announced plans to free about 2,000 inmates who are scheduled for release from state prisons within the next year.  They must pose no threat to public safety and have good prison records.  About 28,000 more will remain behind bars – even if they’re disabled or have medical conditions putting them at high risk for death if they were to catch COVID-19.  Meanwhile, a federal lawsuit may mean freedom for others as Sandy Hausman reports.

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State Leaders Working to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 in Virginia’s Prisons and Jails

StateSeal00State leaders have provided prison and jail officials with guidance on preventing the virus’ spread within the state’s correctional system. Nick Gilmore has details.

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ACLU Joins Call for More Information on How Virginia Handles Solitary Confinement


Credit: David Nakayama / Creative Commons

Democratic lawmakers and the ACLU of Virginia are pushing for more information on how the state uses solitary confinement. Mallory Noe-Payne has details.

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