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Report: OSIG investigation not thorough, investigator biased

Although no one interfered with an Office of the State Inspector General investigation of the Virginia Parole Board, its lead investigator on a contentious parole decision displayed bias and OSIG’s investigation was not adequately thorough, a law firm tasked with looking into OSIG’s investigation said in a report Monday. Jahd Khalil has details.

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Parole Board Controversy Will Get Independent Investigation

Legislators approved a budget amendment funding an independent investigation into the Office of the State Inspector General Wednesday, as Republican lawmakers said the investigation’s scope sidestepped critical issues. Jahd Khalil reports.


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State Lawmakers Working to Publicize Virginia Parole Board Votes

virginia_flag_map_0Lawmakers in Richmond are debating ways to shed more sunlight on the actions of the Virginia Parole Board. Michael Pope has the story.

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Jens Soering and Elizabeth Haysom Granted Parole, Will Be Deported


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The governor’s office has written what could be the final chapter in a case that’s sparked controversy for more than 30 years. After months of review, Ralph Northam says he will not pardon Jens Soering, but the 53-year-old prisoner will be paroled. The woman convicted as an accomplice to his crime will also be freed. Sandy Hausman reports.

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