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Legislative Debates Over VMI Emerge

Debates over legislation governing the Virginia Military Institute are probably on the horizon, spurred by a report by the State Council of Higher Education For Virginia. Jahd Khalil reports.

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As State Lawmakers Consider Budget Amendments, Debate Over VMI Investigation Ensues

Members of the House of Delegates sparred Monday over a proposal from Governor Northam to fund an investigation into accounts of systemic racism at Virginia Military Institute. Cat Modlin-Jackson has the story.

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Ginsburg Inspires at VMI


Ginsburg was interviewed by her two biographers and Georgetown Law Professors Mary Hartnett and Wendy Williams. (Credit: Jessie Knadler)

As the nation is consumed with talk over a possible new Supreme Court Justice, a current Justice visited Virginia Wednesday Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave a talk at Virginia Military Institute, a school she helped transform. Jessie Knadler was there and filed this report.


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Va News Topics: Geologists Battle Rising Sea Levels, VMI Stress Relief Efforts


Credit: Virginia Public Access Project

As cities in Hampton Roads slowly lose ground to the Atlantic Ocean geologists are hoping to reverse the trend by putting more water underground, and VMI has reacted to comments about efforts to help cadets deal with exam stress. Those have been among the most read stories over the past week on the Virginia Public Access Project’s Va News link at Fred Echols reports.

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