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When Should Virginia Hold Primary Elections?


Credit: MBandman / Creative Commons

Voters are headed to the polls in a few weeks to cast their ballots in the November general election. But lawmakers and elected officials are already thinking ahead to the June primaries. Michael Pope reports.

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Removing ‘Luck of the Draw’ from Virginia’s Elections

James Alcorn

Virginia State Board of Elections chairman, James Alcorn, holds up the name of David Yancy, the winner of a random drawing to determine the winner of a tied election for the 94th District House of Delegates seat earlier this month. Yancey won the drawing over Democrat Shelly Simonds. (Credit: AP Photo / Steve Helber)

Should elections be determined but the luck of the draw? That’s what happened last year, and one lawmaker wants to make sure it never happens again. Michael Pope is at the Capitol with the latest.

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Election Day: Congressional Outcomes in Virginia

We’ve got this overview of the state’s most competitive Congressional races, plus a quick glance at results from the rest of the state.

The 10th District


Republicans maintained control of the 10th District despite a strong challenge. (Credit: Kelsea Pieters / WVTF / RADIO IQ)

Republican Congresswoman Barbara Comstock will be returning to Congress next year, despite a hotly contested race in Northern Virginia. Michael Pope has the story.

The 4th District


Newly-drawn lines opened this seat up for Democrats. (Credit: Kelsea Pieters / WVTF / RADIO IQ)

Democrats were able to pick up one congressional seat in Virginia, but only after a lawsuit prompted the boundaries of the congressional districts to be redrawn. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.

The 5th District


Another state lawmaker will be heading to the national legislature to represent the 5th. (Credit: Kelsea Pieters / WVTF / RADIO IQ)

It was a difficult night for Democrats in the 5th Congressional District, where Republican Tom Garrett scored an impressive win over Jane Dittmar. Sandy Hausman reports on that race and others of regional interest.

Other Results

In less competitive districts, the state’s races played out as expected — with victors winning by large margins. Results are below. Full details can be seen here.

  • District 1 – Robb Wittman (R) beat Matt Rowe (D)
  • District 2 – Scott Taylor (R) beat Shaun Brown (D)
  • District  3 – Bobby Scott (D) beat Marty Williams (R)
  • District 6 – Bob Goodlatte (R) beat Kai Degner (D)
  • District 7- Dave Brat (R) beat Eileen Bedell (D)
  • District 8 – Don Beyer (D) beat Charles Hernick (R)
  • District 9 – Morgan Griffith (R) beat Derek Kitts (D)
  • District 11- Gerry Connolly won


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First Presidential Cycle with Online Voter Registration Keeps Election Officials Busy


Credit: Virginia Department of Elections

Now that the deadline for registering new voters has come and gone, election officials across Virginia are entering the final stretch toward Election Day. Michael Pope has the story.

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Increased Traffic Growing Concern for Virginia’s Voter Information System


Credit: Virginia Department of Elections

Registrars throughout Virginia are concerned the computer system that keeps track of voters may not hold up to increased traffic as Election Day approaches. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.


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