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A Change to Virginia’s Excise Peanut Tax Could Be on the Table Next Month

As lawmakers are preparing for the upcoming General Assembly session, they’re considering one bill aimed at an important staple of Virginia’s agriculture sector. Michael Pope explains.

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Soybean Seesaw: The Give and Take of Tariffs and Trade Wars

Credit: Edgar Pierce / Flickr, Creative Commons:

Virginia agriculture is taking some hits. But some sectors are benefiting at the expense of others. Michael Pope reports.

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Key Ingredient In Craft Beer Boom Finally Taking Off In Virginia

craftbeerVirginia’s beer industry is booming. Some brewers wonder, though, if the state is doing enough to nurture homegrown brewers and the local farmers who want to supply them the grain. Jessie Knadler reports.

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Virginia Agriculture Jumps By 30% in Four Years


Ben Testa, Abby McDonough, Hanna Waring

Teens Ben Testa, Hannah Waring and Abby McDonough pick strawberries at Wegmeyer Farms in Hamilton, Va. Virginia’s agriculture industries have boomed in recent years.
Credit Carolyn Kaster / AP

Virginia’s largest industry is agriculture, and it’s only getting larger. That’s according to new numbers released Tuesday. Mallory Noe-Payne was at the capitol for the announcement and filed this report. 


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