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UVA explores link between sleep and the aging brain

Does poor sleep lead to dementia, or does dementia cause poor sleep? UVA hopes to find out. (Credit: UVA School of Nursing)

It’s not unusual for older adults to experience problems related to sleep, and one in ten people over the age of 45 report memory problems getting worse. 

At the University of Virginia’s School of Nursing, experts hope to learn how sleep and mental decline are related, and they’re looking for volunteers to take part in a study from the comfort of their own homes. 

Sandy Hausman has that story.

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Poolside Math

Professor Ken Ono confers with Olympic medal-winner Emma Weyant about how to get faster. (Credit: RADIO IQ)

Later this month, college swim teams will take part in the NCAA Championship.  The University of Virginia is favored to win many races thanks to high-tech training and advice from one of the world’s leading mathematicians. Sandy Hausman has that story.

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UVA Uses Smart Phones and Watches to Search for Early Signs of Sickness and Brain Injury

Scientists at UVA are combining the sensing power of smart phones, watches and rings to search for early signs of illness or injury. (Credit: UVA)

In the last 20 years Americans have learned just how dangerous concussions can be, and we know early treatment is key to a full recovery.  Now, the University of Virginia is working on a way to diagnose brain injuries sooner and to monitor patients’ recovery. Sandy Hausman reports.

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Virginia’s Population Has Grown Over the Last Decade, But Very Slowly


Richmond, along with the state’s other urban areas, continued to outpace other parts of Virginia in population growth according to the report. (Credit: Will Fisher / Flickr)

Virginia’s population continues to grow, but at a slower rate than the national average. That’s according to a new report from the University of Virginia. Nick Gilmore has details.


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New Poll: Race Relations Remain a Hot-Button Issue in America


The Rotunda at the University of Virginia (Credit: terren in Virginia / Flickr)

Views about race relations remain incredibly complicated in America, even a year after the riot in Charlottesville. Michael Pope reports.


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Connecting Past to Present: Facing Uncomfortable Truths, Honoring UVA’s Slaves at First Symposium


More than 50 people spent the night behind UVA’s Pavilion IX during the Slave Dwelling Project’s largest ever sleepover. (Credit: Jordy Yager)

The Slave Dwelling Project recently held its largest ever event at the University of Virginia to commemorate the hundreds of enslaved men, women and children who built and ran the school in the 19th century. Nearly 3-dozen panels saw more than 100 speakers over the three days. But at the center was an outdoor sleepover in near freezing temperatures, where the enslaved would have slept. Jordy Yager reports.

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Richmond Journalist Calling For Federal Probe of UVA


Credit: Dale Winling / Flickr 

The University of Virginia has been in the headlines since documents were published suggesting special treatment in the admissions process for friends or relatives of wealthy and influential donors. Now the Richmond man who uncovered the evidence is calling on the U.S. attorney’s office to investigate. Sandy Hausman reports.

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Va News Topics: University of Virginia’s Architectural Centerpiece, New Tech for Hampton Roads


Credit: Virginia Public Access Project

The University of Virginia’s architectural centerpiece is about to reopen after a four-year renovation and at least one exciting historical discovery, and new technology will soon allow people in water-challenged Hampton Roads to reuse much of what they’re sending down the drain. Those have been among the most read stories over the past week on the Virginia Public Access Project’s Va News link at Fred Echols reports.

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