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Tiki torch marchers face charges in Charlottesville

It’s been nearly six years since white supremacists shocked the world by marching on the University of Virginia campus, carrying torches and chanting racist and anti-Semitic slogans. Now some of those extremists are facing criminal charges, as Sandy Hausman reports.

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A Peaceful Anniversary for Charlottesville


Charlottesville police kept a low profile as the city observed the second anniversary of Unite the Right. (Credit: RADIO IQ)

There were no protests, no chanting and no arrests this weekend as Charlottesville marked the second anniversary of a violent white supremacist rally. Instead, the city celebrated what it calls Unity Days – a range of events designed to bring people together. Sandy Hausman reports.


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Activists Want Twitter to Ban White Supremacists


Activists say white supremacists are using Twitter to promote hate. The company says it has policies against that. (Credit: Twitter)

Community activists from Charlottesville are asking Twitter to ban white supremacists in advance of August 12th – the 2nd anniversary of a violent rally called Unite the Right. RADIO IQ’s Sandy Hausman has that story.

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Judge Says Tarps Must Come Off Charlottesville Statues


The statues have been surrounded by fencing to deter protesters from removing the tarps. (Credit: Jordy Yager / RADIO IQ)

Giant black tarps have covered two Jim Crow-era statues of Civil War generals in Charlottesville for months now. The move was quickly challenged with a lawsuit and on Tuesday a judge finally ruled. Jordy Yager reports.

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