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A Look at Some of the Transportation-Related Legislation Moving Forward at the General Assembly

Nearly half of Virginia’s carbon emissions come from transportation. The House of Delegates took on a number of bills hoping to reduce those emissions, and now they’re in the senate’s hands. Jahd Khalil has this report.

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Virginia Transit Projects Show How Off Cost Estimates Can Sometimes Be

virginia_flag_map_0Estimating the cost of major transit projects can be difficult. And a new federal report points to Virginia as an example of how cost estimates can be dramatically wrong. Michael Pope reports.

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Interstate 81 Needs Fixes, But How to Pay?

I-81 Truck Climbing Lane Groundbreaking Event

A proposal for a regional gas tax along the western highway failed. (Credit: VDOT)

In 2016, there were more than 2,000 crashes on Interstate 81. To help prevent more accidents, lawmakers in Richmond are considering ways to pay for improvements to the highway. But the first suggestion – a regional gas tax – has already gone down. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.

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New Tolls Hit Eye-Popping Levels On Virginia Interstate


Credit: Soomness / Flickr

Drivers in Northern Virginia are being hit with tolls for a one-way trip that are about as much as a tank of gas. Michael Pope reports.

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