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Virginia Votes: Reluctance on Tangier Island

Virginia has more than 5 million registered voters. They come from urban centers, rolling and rural countryside, and increasingly diverse suburbs.



In the end, all those voices will be lumped together in a winner-take-all system to decide where the state’s 13 electoral votes go.

Leading up to election day we’ll be hearing from both voters, and non-voters, across the Commonwealth — in a series we’re calling Virginia Votes. 

We begin on Tangier Island, where people live simply. Church on Sundays, zero alcohol, and you’ll never hear them swear. They hail from some of America’s first settlements. Many have served their country, including the town manager. Of some 470 Tangier residents, 399 are registered to vote this November. And while the majority are Republican and loyal to their party, this year, they’re having a hard time.

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