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State Lawmakers Working to Balance the Budget… Again

Lawmakers are trying to budget the state out of the red ink created by slumping revenues tied to the economic crisis. Michael Pope reports.

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COVID-19 Prompts Cuts to Education in Revised Northam Budget

governor-northam-official-photo_800Governor Northam’s revised budget bill proposes cuts for education and a boost to Medicaid spending. But, the loss for schools isn’t necessarily a gain for healthcare. Cat Modlin-Jackson reports.

Here’s the full report from the Commonwealth Institute.

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State Lawmakers Must Balance Budget Amidst COVID: What Does that Mean for Legislative Priorities?


Credit: NPR

As lawmakers prepare to go back to Richmond and put together a revised budget, they’ll be confronting a number of difficult decisions. Michael Pope has this report about one of those decisions involving maternal mortality.

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“And We’re Not Paying Them for That” Educators Flock to Richmond Requesting More Funding, Better Pay


Educators from across Virginia join hands in massive “Red4Ed” rally in Capitol Square, calling on lawmakers to fully fund request from the Virginia Board of Education. They say educators are overworked and short staffed. (Credit: Michael Pope)

Educators from across Virginia are in Richmond today, pressing lawmakers to fully fund education this year. Michael Pope reports from Capitol Square.

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With One Week to Go, There’s No Budget Deal to Be Found at the General Assembly


Credit: MBandman / Creative Commons

Lawmakers are about to wrap up the General Assembly session and head home next week. But, they may end up leaving town without approving a budget. Michael Pope has details.

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