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Southwest Virginia’s Unemployment Rate May Be Misleading

StateSeal00Unemployment is going down in Southwest Virginia. But, that might be more alarming than you think. Michael Pope reports.


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New Census Data Suggests Southwest Virginia is Continuing to Shrink

tazewell county

New Census data shows Tazewell County has lost 10% of its population over the last decade. (Credit:

New numbers from the Census show Northern Virginia continues to add population. But, the new numbers also show a slow and steady decline in Southwest Virginia. Michael Pope reports.

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Mussel Men and Women; Resurrecting a Species


Tagged Golden Riffle Shell Mussels bred in vitro to repopulate nearly extinct strain. (Credit: Gary Peeples / USFWS

A federally endangered species of fresh water mussel could be found in only one water way in the world; southwestern Virginia’s Clinch River. But 20 years ago, a chemical spill nearly wiped them out. Now biologists may be on their way to resurrecting them. Robbie Harris got into the creek with the scientists and the baby mussels.

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