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Unless Court Intervenes, House of Delegates Control to Be Determined Next Week

Virginia Inauguration

Credit: AP Photo / Steve Helber

Last week, election officials called off a random drawing to determine the winner of a House race in Newport News. Now, as Michael Pope reports, the tie-breaker is back on.

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A Monumental Recount in the 94th District Has Taken Another Turn

Virginia Election Recount

Election officials in Newport News, Va., examine ballots that a computer failed to scan during a recount for a House of Delegates race on Tuesday. The recount initially gave the race to Democrat Shelly Simonds by a one-vote margin, but a three judge panel certified a ballot in favor of Republican incumbent David Yancey that had been thrown out. The race is now tied. (Credit: AP Photo / Ben Finley)

All eyes are on the 94th District in Newport News, where a roller-coaster recount has wound up as a tied race. At stake is control of Virginia’s legislature. Mallory Noe-Payne has an earlier response from Governor-Elect Ralph Northam.

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