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Corey Stewart Denounces His Opponents, Not White Nationalist Rally


Republican Gubernatorial hopeful, Corey Stewart (Credit:

This weekend an alt-right group, widely associated with white nationalism, marched to a Confederate statue in Charlottesville — carrying torches and chanting. The rally made national headlines and now Virginia’s candidates in the upcoming race for governor are weighing in. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.

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Counter Protest in Charlottesville to “Take Back Lee Park” Follows Alt-Right Rally


Protester Chris O’Shea attempts to muffle the megaphone of Jason Kessler, a local supporter of keeping the Lee statue in place. Kessler was arrested for disorderly conduct later in the evening. (Credit: Jordy Yager)

Three people were arrested Sunday night after a mostly peaceful protest in downtown Charlottesville turned momentarily violent, spilling out into the streets. Jordy Yager has details.


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