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RC Poll: Consumer Sentiment Heavily Dependent on Political Affiliation in Virginia


Credit: Roanoke College

How healthy is Virginia’s economy? The answer to that question might just depend on how you vote. Michael Pope reports.


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RC Poll: Consumer Confidence Varies Widely By Political Party


Credit: Roanoke College

What do Virginians think about the state of the economy? According to one new poll, that depends on what they think of the party in power. Michael Pope has more.


The figure is a time series showing the Virginia Index of Consumer Sentiment by party affiliation. Note: Lines = Virginia Index of Consumer Sentiment (Blue=D, Red=R), Dashed Lines = VAICS Historical Average (Credit: Institute for Policy and Opinion Research at Roanoke College)


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American Chestnut Trees Grew Taller in People’s Memories


American Chestnut in Warspur, Virginia with a dead, broken, main trunk and live small sprouts. The non-hybrid sprouts will soon succumb to the blight, which is still in the environment.

The American Chestnut tree has mythic stature in tree lore. Today the old giants of people’s memories are long gone from the landscape, wiped out by an Asian blight a hundred years ago. And even though they still loom large in the history and culture of Appalachia, new research suggests, their mythic proportions are likely, just that. Robbie Harris reports.

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Clapper Stresses the Importance of the Intelligence Community at Roanoke College


Credit: Carissa Divant

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper gave a talk on the ethics and importance of information gathering at Roanoke College last night. Nick Gilmore was there and filed this report.

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