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State Republicans Show No Desire for Nonpartisan Redistricting Reform


Credit: NPR

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court said a lower court should re-examine the redistricting efforts of Virginia’s Republican-led legislature. That prompted Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe to ask Republicans give up the fight and work together on nonpartisan redistricting. Michael Pope has the latest.

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Redistricting Reform Dead for Now

William Howell, David Toscano

House Minority Leader David Toscano, left, speaks with House Speaker William Howell during a House session today. Toscano was hoping this was the year for redistricting reform. (Credit: Steve Helber / AP)

Attempts to change how Virginia lawmakers draw political boundaries died today in the House of Delegates. Advocates of reforming the system watched on this morning in Richmond, as the final three bills to prevent gerrymandering were voted on in a subcommittee.


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Potentially Historic Supreme Court Redistricting Case Began Today


Credit: 350z33 at English Wikipedia

Did Republicans in Virginia’s General Assembly pack black voters into a dozen House of Delegates districts to dilute their influence elsewhere? That’s the argument that justices of the Supreme Court heard today. Michael Pope is at the court with the latest.



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