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Kaine Hears From Parents Worried About Potential Medicaid Cuts


Senator Tim Kaine listens to parents of medically complex children during a roundtable discussion in Northern Virginia.

As the Senate considers a major overhaul to the Affordable Care Act, parents of medically complex children are worried about their future, and what might happen to them if Medicaid is cut. This week, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine heard from several of these parents in a roundtable discussion in Northern Virginia. Michael Pope reports.


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Senate Health Plan Could Cost $1.4 Billion for Virginia’s Medicaid Program


Virginia’s Department of Medical Assistance Services runs Medicaid.

A vote on the Senate healthcare bill has been delayed, and part of the opposition to the measure is how it affects Medicaid spending. In Virginia, more than a million people are enrolled in Medicaid — about half are children. If the Senate healthcare bill were to become law, Medicaid would take a serious hit: a billion and a half dollars over the next seven years.  That’s according to a recent analysis by the state agency that runs the program. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.

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White House Pushes Healthcare, and Some Virginia Lawmakers Change Their Tune

Health Care Overhaul What Now

Credit: AP / Andrew Harnik

Virginia Republicans are coming around on the new plan to revive the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare. Matt Laslo has the details from Washington.

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