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Changes in Richmond May Mean Freedom for Some Prisoners


Credit: Dave Nakayama / Creative Commons

In 1995, Virginia abolished parole — a change that led to crowding of state prisons and longer stays behind bars.  Now, small cracks have developed in the legal wall that keeps about 30,000 people locked up.  Sandy Hausman reports on changes that could free some inmates.

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As Obama Commutes Drug Sentences, Virginia Inmates Targeted


The Eastern District includes Alexandria, Richmond and Norfolk (Credit: U.S. Department of Justice)

As the Obama administration draws to a close, officials at the Justice Department are busy commuting sentences of people convicted for drug offenses, especially crack cocaine. And, as Michael Pope reports, nowhere in the country has sentences for crack dealers as long as the Eastern District of Virginia.


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Federal Settlement in Arlington Sends Message to Jails About Services to Deaf Inmates

prison-1Leaders in Arlington are settling a federal lawsuit against a jail for failing to offer services to a deaf inmate. As Michael Pope reports, the settlement could have consequences for jails across Virginia — and the United States. Michael Pope reports.

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