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Voting in a Pandemic: A Look at Safety Precautions for Tuesday’s Primary Elections


Credit: NPR

Voters across Virginia will vote in primary elections Tuesday – casting ballots during a pandemic. Michael Pope reports.

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Down Ballot Races May Drive Turnout for Primary Elections This Month

voting_rights_3002112985_80b5a719b1Later this month, Republicans will go to the polls in a statewide primary to determine a U.S. Senate candidate. That election might end up being heavily influenced by what happens in two congressional districts. Michael Pope reports.

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This Week’s Primary Results May Spark Significant Changes to Virginia’s Criminal Justice System


Credit: MBandman / Creative Commons

Two local races in Northern Virginia might have big implications for the criminal justice system in Virginia. Michael Pope explains why.


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Analyzing What Turnout May Look Like for This Year’s Primary Elections

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Credit: Virginia Public Access Project

The primary is only one month away, but most voters don’t even know — or care — about the election. Michael Pope reports.

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