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New Data Shows Several Shrinking Localities Across Virginia


Danville is one locality that could see a significant population decline over the next couple of decades. That’s according to some new data from UVA’s Weldon Cooper Center. (Credit: Miguel Gereda / Creative Commons)

Many parts of Virginia are declining in population, a trend that’s only expected to increase in the coming years. Michael Pope has this forecast.


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New Census Data Suggests Southwest Virginia is Continuing to Shrink

tazewell county

New Census data shows Tazewell County has lost 10% of its population over the last decade. (Credit:

New numbers from the Census show Northern Virginia continues to add population. But, the new numbers also show a slow and steady decline in Southwest Virginia. Michael Pope reports.

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Calculating the Cost of Eliminating Taxes in the Poorest Parts of Virginia



Credit MBandman / Creative Commons


One lawmaker from the Southwest corner of Virginia is pushing a plan to create tax breaks in some of the poorest parts of the state. But as Michael Pope reports, implementing that plan would blast a giant hole in the budget.

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