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Report: OSIG investigation not thorough, investigator biased

Although no one interfered with an Office of the State Inspector General investigation of the Virginia Parole Board, its lead investigator on a contentious parole decision displayed bias and OSIG’s investigation was not adequately thorough, a law firm tasked with looking into OSIG’s investigation said in a report Monday. Jahd Khalil has details.

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VA House Weighs Possible Release for Sick and Disabled Prisoners


Andre Daniels graduated from high school in Norfolk but found himself jobless and homeless at 21. (Credit: Johnay Hardy)

In most states prisoners with a terminal illness can be freed early, but Virginia only considers inmates with less than three months to live. Now, the legislature may change that, making several thousand prisoners eligible for compassionate release. Sandy Hausman reports.

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Changes in Richmond May Mean Freedom for Some Prisoners


Credit: Dave Nakayama / Creative Commons

In 1995, Virginia abolished parole — a change that led to crowding of state prisons and longer stays behind bars.  Now, small cracks have developed in the legal wall that keeps about 30,000 people locked up.  Sandy Hausman reports on changes that could free some inmates.

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