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Public-Private Partnerships Put Taxpayers at Risk

Traffic Congestion

VDOT hopes to ease traffic on I-66 outside the beltway with toll lanes to be built and operated by a private partner. (Credit: Associated Press)

During this – his last year in office – Governor Terry McAuliffe has been boasting about a deal his administration cut with an international group called Express Mobility Partners. The deal sounds too good to be true, and some critics say it is.

That firm says it will build new lanes on I-66 outside the beltway in Northern Virginia in exchange for the right to collect tolls for the next 50 years.  It will also give the state millions of dollars for mass transit, parking lots and improvements to existing roads.  The deal sounds too good to be true, and some critics say it is.

Sandy Hausman has more as she wraps up her two-part series on P3’s.

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Is Virginia’s Road Building Deal a Model for Trump?


The Indiana Toll Road, built by private partners Cintra and Macquarie, went bankrupt in 2014. (Credit: Indiana Public Media)

President Donald Trump has signaled strong interest in partnering with the private sector to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure.  Critics warn that public-private partnerships or P3s often allow savvy corporations to fleece taxpayers, but Governor McAuliffe and his secretary of transportation say they’ve found a way to protect the public and make P3s a success. Sandy Hausman has more in this first story of a two-part series.

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