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Northern Virginia is No Longer a Republican Stronghold


Credit: MBandman / Creative Commons

Northern Virginia was once a bastion of economic conservatism. But now, as Michael Pope reports, the region has only one elected Republican official at the state or federal level.


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The Political Toll of Dynamic Tolling

Capital Beltway Expansion

Credit: AP Photo / Cliff Owen

Drivers in Northern Virginia are still being hit with record-high tolls, some as much as $40 for a one-way trip in express lanes during some rush hours. Michael Pope has this look at the politics of dynamic tolling.


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New Tolls Hit Eye-Popping Levels On Virginia Interstate


Credit: Soomness / Flickr

Drivers in Northern Virginia are being hit with tolls for a one-way trip that are about as much as a tank of gas. Michael Pope reports.

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Salvadorans Seeking Shelter From War-Torn Country Flock to Virginia


Credit: Allison McKellar / Creative Commons

Salvadorans are flocking to Virginia, a trend that new Census numbers say has increased since the civil war in El Salvador ended more than 20 years ago.  One center of that community is a neighborhood in Alexandria. Michael Pope reports.

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Northern Virginia Poised to Become Leader in Driverless Cars

driverlessIt’s been more than a century since horseless carriages started revolutionizing transportation across America. Now driverless cars are about to reshape the American landscape, and a new report from George Mason University says Virginia is poised to become a leader in the industry. Michael Pope has the story.


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