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Saving Northern Neck Ginger Ale

Stephanie Johnson started a Facebook page in support of saving Northern Neck Ginger Ale. (Credit: Stephanie Johnson)

In Virginia’s Northern Neck, thousands have come together in support of one thing – ginger ale.  Coca Cola purchased a beloved, local brand in 2001, but stopped producing it 20 years later. Now, the locals want it back, as Sandy Hausman reports.

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Oyster Families Remember Life In The Northern Neck


Catherine Bundy holding a photo of her with husband Thomas, who perished out on the Rappahannock River while oystering in December 1953. (Credit: Pamela D’Angelo)

It’s wild oyster season around the Chesapeake Bay. In Virginia’s Northern Neck, at Belle Isle State Park, a new exhibit slated to open early next year will feature stories from people who lived and worked there during the 1940s and 1950s.

Two families, the Boatwrights and the Pollards, co-owned the 1000-acre farm and nearby oyster grounds in the Rappahannock River.  These are some of their stories:

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Education Trail Honoring Historically African-American Schools Planned for Northern Neck


A map of the African American Education Trail, which contains some 70 historical schools throughout the Northern Neck.

Tourists are drawn to the Northern Neck for its rural and Chesapeake Bay heritage. In building an official heritage area, the five-county region has established an Oyster Trail, Artisan Trail and Watermen Heritage Tours. Now, the African American Education Trail has been added. Pamela D’Angelo reports.


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The Virginia Slave Who Mailed Himself to Freedom


From the Library of Congress, a lithograph of “The Resurrection of Henry ‘Box’ Brown.” (Credit: Library of Congress)

Henry “Box” Brown was a born into slavery in Louisa County. At 15, he was sent to Richmond.

Today, a group of musicians has chosen to honor Brown’s story with a song about his escape. They performed recently during a Black History Celebration on Virginia’s Northern Neck.

In front of an audience, many of whom were descendants of slaves, Glenn Birch told the story of Brown’s unusual and daring journey.

Accompanying Glenn Birch were fellow musicians Ellen Birch and Frank Coleman. This story was produced by Pamela D’Angelo. You can read Henry Box Brown’s narrative of his own life here.  


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