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A Monumental Recount in the 94th District Has Taken Another Turn

Virginia Election Recount

Election officials in Newport News, Va., examine ballots that a computer failed to scan during a recount for a House of Delegates race on Tuesday. The recount initially gave the race to Democrat Shelly Simonds by a one-vote margin, but a three judge panel certified a ballot in favor of Republican incumbent David Yancey that had been thrown out. The race is now tied. (Credit: AP Photo / Ben Finley)

All eyes are on the 94th District in Newport News, where a roller-coaster recount has wound up as a tied race. At stake is control of Virginia’s legislature. Mallory Noe-Payne has an earlier response from Governor-Elect Ralph Northam.

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A Recount in Newport News Could Determine House of Delegates Control

Veto Session

Credit: AP Photo / Steve Helber

Election officials in several jurisdictions are preparing for recounts in tight races for the House of Delegates. But the recount in Newport News is one that might actually change the outcome of the election. Michael Pope reports.

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