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Fishery Limits Cause Disputes At Regional Commission Meeting


One of Omega Protein’s two new ships out in the Chesapeake Bay. (Credit: Pamela D’Angelo)

Meetings of fisheries managers are not exactly a big draw.

But this week, Atlantic state commissioners’ changes in harvests of a¬†menhaden, a baitfish used by crabbers and lobstermen, turned into a hand-wringing session for commercial fishermen,¬†environmentalists, anglers and even the commissioners. Pamela D’Angelo reports.


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Virginia’s 2017 Harvest of Atlantic Menhaden Will Increase


Credit: Pamela D’Angelo

At a meeting in Maine this week, Atlantic coast fisheries managers agreed to increase the catch for menhaden, a fish considered crucial to birds, other fish and by commercial watermen to catch crabs. It’s also key to the remaining fish oil plant on the East Coast here in Virginia.¬† Pamela D’Angelo reports.


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