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Should Virginia consolidate some of its juvenile justice facilities?

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The number of young people detained in Virginia’s juvenile justice system has gone down dramatically over the last few years, which is leading to a potential reorganization of the system. Michael Pope reports.

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Minority children disproportionately suffer from court fees in Virginia

Children caught up in the court system are often harmed by fines and fees that can be extremely damaging to people struggling to make ends meet. And, as Michael Pope reports, minority children are disproportionately at risk.

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One state lawmaker hopes to create his own juvenile justice work group after governor’s veto

Advocates for reforming juvenile justice are regrouping after a veto from the governor. Michael Pope explains why.

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Advocates hope more minor peer courts pop up across Virginia


The effort to prevent young people from finding themselves caught up in the criminal justice system has a new tool. Michael Pope reports on the emergence of peer courts.


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