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Money Continues to Roll Into this Year’s Statewide Election


Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer announces a new partnership with the Democratic National Committee and several immigrant rights groups at a press conference in Falls Church. (Credit: Michael Pope)

Election 2017 may end up being one of the most expensive races in Virginia history. This week, Democrats are receiving a major infusion of cash. Michael Pope has details.


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Should Undocumented Suspects Be Held Without a Warrant? Candidates for Governor Disagree


Credit: AP Photo / Steve Helber

Virginia may not have any local governments that are willing to defy federal immigration law. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the commonwealth doesn’t have any sanctuary cities, depending on how that term is defined. And, as Michael Pope reports, the debate has become a flashpoint in the race for governor.


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How Should Local and State Law Enforcement Deal With Federal Immigration Laws?

Claire Gastanaga

ACLU of Virginia Executive Director Claire Gastanaga asked Governor Terry McAuliffe to veto bills dealing with immigration issues at a news conference earlier today. (Credit: Steve Helber /AP)

Should local and state law enforcement officials enforce federal immigration laws? That’s a debate that heating up in the final days of the General Assembly session in Richmond this week. Michael Pope has the latest.


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In Midst of National Immigration Debate, Virginia Republicans Take Aim at Sanctuary Cities


If state Republicans have their way, sanctuary cities would have to pay for any property damage caused by undocumented immigrants. (Credit: Taber Andrew Bain / Creative Commons)

As the national conversation on immigration continues, Republicans in Virginia’s General Assembly are hoping to crack down on so called sanctuary cities. Michael Pope has the story.

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