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“Middle Housing”: Equal Access or a War on Suburbs?

StateSeal00Zoning decisions are usually made by your local government. But, lawmakers in Richmond are thinking about getting into the act. Michael Pope reports.

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Virginia is Losing Residents to Our Southern Neighbors

virginia_flag_map_0For the past few years fewer people have been moving to Virginia. Instead more are actually leaving the Commonwealth, moving to other states — and they’re heading south. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.


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Mark Warner Says Housing Bailout Should Not Continue to Put Taxpayers at Risk


Credit: American Advisors Group / Creative Commons

Remember when the mortgage loan industry almost brought down the global economy? Virginia Senator Mark Warner says we haven’t fully recovered from that, and he’s working to make long-term change. Michael Pope has more.

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New Law to Govern Builders’ Gifts to Communities

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Credit Simon Kellogg / Creative Commons


Life is about to get even more complicated for community planners dealing with development.  In the past, they could ask builders to help pay for almost any civic improvement.  Now, however, state law is about to change as Sandy Hausman reports.

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