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An Early Look at the 2021 Gubernatorial Race


Credit: NPR

The election for governor is still 18 months away. But, as Michael Pope reports, candidates are already coming out of the woodwork.


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Gillespie: ‘I’m a Better Person’ for Having Run for Governor

Ed Gillespie

Republican candidate for Virginia governor Ed Gillespie pauses while speaking with reporters after voting at his polling place on Election Day. (Credit: AP Photo / Alex Brandon)

In his first interview since losing the race for Governor, Republican Ed Gillespie says he’s rooting for Governor-elect Ralph Northam. Mallory Noe-Payne has details.


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First Gubernatorial Debate Does Not Include Libertarian Candidate



Libertarian Candidate, Cliff Hyra (right), was not invited to the debate.
(Credit Michael Pope)

The first of three debates for governor is scheduled for this weekend, when Democrat Ralph Northam will square off with Republican Ed Gillespie at the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs. But there’s one candidate who’s not invited to the party. Michael Pope has details.


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