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Virginia Doesn’t Have Any Sanctuary Cities, But What About Sanctuary Policies?


Credit: MBandman / Creative Commons

Sanctuary cities became one of the hottest issues in the campaign last year. Now it’s become one of the most divisive issues in the General Assembly. Michael Pope is at the Capitol with the latest.

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A Bipartisan Deal to Reform Virginia’s Criminal Justice System Has Been Struck

Ralph Northam, Kirk Cox

Governor Ralph Northam, front, waves during his first State of the Commonwealth address. Northam and Republican House Speaker Kirk Cox, behind Northam, have reached a compromise to reform Virginia’s criminal justice system.  (Credit: AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Republicans and Democrats at the Capitol are striking a deal that will make significant changes to the criminal justice system in Virginia. Michael Pope is at the Capitol with the latest.

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Medicaid Expansion is On the Table, But Work Requirement Could Be Sticking Point


Credit: Creative Commons / Flickr

In Virginia, Republican leaders are now saying they won’t talk Medicaid expansion unless Democrats support work requirements for the program. A bill to do just that made its way through a key committee this morning. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.

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As Medicaid Legislation Goes Down in Senate, Northam Recommits to Expanding Coverage

Virginia_State_Capitol3A key committee in Virginia’s Senate took up debate of Medicaid expansion Thursday. Even though the bills failed, Governor Ralph Northam says it’s just the beginning of the process. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.

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With a New Governor at the Helm, Can the General Assembly Work in a Bipartisan Manner?

Ralph Northam, Kirk Cox, Justin Fairfax

Governor Ralph Northam gestures during his first State of the Commonwealth address to a joint session of the General Assembly. (Credit: AP Photo / Steve Helber)

The British classic rock band known as the Who famously belted out “Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.” As Michael Pope reports, Republicans say that sentiment could have been written about the Executive Mansion in Richmond.


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