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Republican Bloodbath: 12 House GOP Members Unseated

Veto Session

Credit: AP Photo / Steve Helber

12 Republican House members are packing up their offices in Richmond and headed home after being fired by voters this week. Michael Pope has this look at the unseated.

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What Impacts Could Proposed Republican Healthcare Plan Have in Virginia?

Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s proposed replacement of the Affordable Care Act could potentially mean the end of coverage for nearly half a million Virginians. (Credit: J. Scott Applewhite / AP, File)

As the debate about health care takes center stage, what kind of impact could the Republican plan have in Virginia? Michael Pope is digging into the numbers.


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Red-Tape Reduction and Welfare Reform Flame Out in Richmond Despite Being Republican Priorities ​

Kirk Cox

Majority Leader Kirk Cox, seen here in a photo from last year’s session, says failed legislation still serves a purpose. (Credit: Steve Helber / AP)

Republican leaders in the House of Delegates have an overwhelming majority — about two thirds of the members. But as Michael Pope reports from the Capitol, that doesn’t always mean that they get their way.


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