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The debate over what to do with Virginia’s gas tax in the coming months continues

Credit: NPR

One of the hottest debates between legislators right now is whether to suspend the gas tax this summer. Jahd Khalil sat in on a meeting in Richmond Tuesday afternoon. 

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A gas tax holiday may not lead to savings for Virginia drivers

Lawmakers will be returning to Richmond next week for a special session. And, as Michael Pope reports, one of the things they’ll be considering is a gas tax holiday.

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Virginia’s gas tax and the effort to reach a balanced budget

Credit: NPR

Gas prices across Virginia are more than four dollars a gallon. As Michael Pope reports, that has consequences for lawmakers trying to balance the budget.


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Governor Glenn Youngkin wants lawmakers to suspend the state gas tax for three months

Credit: Jahd Khalil

There are three big players in Virginia’s budget negotiations. On one side are Republicans who control the House and Governor Glenn Youngkin. On the other are Senate Democrats who held up much of the Governor’s agenda. Jahd Khalil reports on one signal about how those discussions are going. 

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GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Wants to Raise the Gas Tax

Pipeline Spill

Credit: David Goldman / AP

In less than two months, Republicans voters will select their candidate for governor. And, as Michael Pope reports, one candidate is running on an unexpected idea.

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