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Grocery Fund Would Help Kickstart Access to Food


Credit: Stuart Rankin / Flickr

A bipartisan push to increase access to healthy foods is making its way through the General Assembly. The proposal would create the Grocery Investment Fund, to help get new businesses off the ground in areas that need them. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.

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Richmond Man Goes Upscale with Swine Skins


Marty McCauley (Credit: Sandy Hausman / RADIO IQ)

Pork rinds are a staple for Southern snackers – crispy fried pig skin, salty and deep fried.  Now, thanks to the efforts of a Richmond man, this humble food is going upscale. Sandy Hausman reports.


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In Search Of Virginia’s Go-To Summertime Dish


A colonial meal in the works. (Credit: Jason Fuller)

Summertime and cookouts are inextricably tied to one another. It’s a time for family, friends and the forging of indelible memories. In Virginia, food tends to be so much more than just flavors and fulfillment. Many Virginians attend cookouts where there are hamburgers and hot dogs on a grill, but those items alone do not delve into the essence of food culture. The state that lays claim to the first colony in 1607 and produced four out of five of the country’s first presidents and has one of the oldest cooking books on record published in 1824, The Virginia House Wife by Mary Randolph, has an enriched food history and lineage. Jason Fuller reports.

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