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Virginia Incumbents and Their Challengers Often Have More in Common Than Meets the Eye


Credit: NPR

Who are the people running against all those incumbent members of the Virginia General Assembly this year? And just how rich are they? Michael Pope reports.

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Should Virginia Take Partisanship Out of its Elections?


Credit: MBandman / Creative Commons

This year, only one congressional race in Virginia is competitive. That means almost all the members of Virginia’s congressional delegation are in totally safe seats. During the General Assembly election last year, NONE of the incumbents lost their seats. Now, one member of the House of Delegates says it’s time to introduce some more competition into the process. Michael Pope reports.


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ACLU Report Claims Majority of Virginia Prosecutor Elections Are Uncontested


Courtesy Creative Commons/justgrimes

Prosecutors in Virginia are elected to four-year terms. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to do much campaigning. As Michael Pope tells us, a new report from the ACLU of Virginia says the vast majority of these elections are uncontested.

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