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Governor Youngkin’s Violent Crime Task Force already being met with some criticism

Last month, Governor Youngkin cited a violent crime crisis in Virginia and announced the appointment of a task force to address it.  That might seem like a solid political move.  After all, who is in favor of violent crime?  But critics are coming forward as Sandy Hausman reports.


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“Operation Ceasefire” may soon be implemented in Virginia

Governor Glenn Youngkin is now considering an investment that would bring a program aimed at reducing violent crime to Virginia. Michael Pope reports.


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A Breakdown of New Crime Statistics from the Virginia State Police, FBI

StateSeal00New data suggests crime is down across Virginia. Michael Pope has details.


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Should Virginia Inquire About Immigration Status When Someone Reports a Crime?


Credit: MBandman / Creative Commons

Should undocumented immigrants fear reporting crime? That’s an issue lawmakers in Richmond are debating. Michael Pope is at the Capitol with the latest.

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Guilty Pleas End 42-Year-Old Cold Case

Sheila Lyon, Katherine Lyon

Sheila (left) and Katherine Lyon (Credit: Montgomery Co., MD Police)

One of the oldest cold case prosecutions in the country’s history ended Tuesday in Bedford when Lloyd Welch, Jr. pleaded guilty to the abduction and murder of two sisters. David Seidel reports.

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In Virginia, Juveniles Sentenced to Life Without Parole Wait in Limbo


Credit: Jail / Flickr

Jason Clem is 12 years into a life sentence for a murder he committed when he was 16. A nonprofit estimates there are 60 people like Clem in Virginia, serving a life sentence without hope of parole, for a crime they committed when they are under 18. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that’s unconstitutional. But, so far, that’s had little effect for those in Virginia. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.

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