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New Climate Normals: A Warmer, Wetter Virginia

A NOAA employee in Asheville, North Carolina resets the index on a pair of minimum/maximum thermometers in a NOAA weather station. The index in the fluid marks the high and low of the day. (Credit: NOAA/Bryant Korzeniewski)

Every decade, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration releases a new analysis of average temperature and precipitation values across the country. The data is used to compile 30-year normals. Nick Gilmore reports on the latest findings and what exactly “normal” is.

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A Look at Some of the Transportation-Related Legislation Moving Forward at the General Assembly

Nearly half of Virginia’s carbon emissions come from transportation. The House of Delegates took on a number of bills hoping to reduce those emissions, and now they’re in the senate’s hands. Jahd Khalil has this report.

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