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Virginia’s Moton Museum added to Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Park

In 1954, the Supreme Court did away with legal segregation of schools in Brown versus the Board of Education.  Today, there’s a national park in Kansas celebrating that case, but there were other places involved in the lawsuit – one here in Virginia – and Congress has now made it part of the park, as Sandy Hausman reports.


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Saving the History and Heroes of Social Welfare


Causes like the 40-hour work week, laws against child labor and winning the vote for women involved heroic fights. VCU Libraries and its partners are sharing images of social welfare heroes online.​ (Credit: American Labor Museum)

Every picture tells a story. That’s why Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries and partners from across the nation are creating the Image Portal, an online collection focused on social reform and social welfare — things like prohibition, women’s suffrage, civil rights and immigration. Sandy Hausman has details.

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