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Tax Analysts to Congress: Consider Helping Low-Income Families in Year-End Budget


Credit: Rog Cogswell / Creative Commons

As the calendar draws to a close, federal officials in Washington are trying to close out the books. And, that’s creating a whirlwind of jockeying for dollars. Michael Pope reports.

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Education Spending is Also a Sticking Point of Budget Talks in Richmond


Credit: Tim Taylor / Flickr

Lawmakers in Richmond are still haggling over the details of the budget, and talks have broken down over whether health insurance should be expanded to people who live in poverty or with disabilities. But, another part of the state’s budget is also a hot topic. Michael Pope reports.


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Medicaid Isn’t the Only Funding Debate Left in Richmond


Credit: MBandman / Creative Commons

Lawmakers are back in Richmond this week, still trying to hammer out a deal to finalize the budget. Although most of the attention has been focused on expanding health insurance to poor people, that’s not the only funding debate still playing out. Michael Pope has details.


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