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Craft beer is driving demand for barley. Could farmers in southwest Virginia benefit?

Dan Brann is a barley farmer in Riner, Virginia. For eight years he’s been selling barley to a malting company in Charlottesville. The barley in his hand was harvested in June and has aged in a grain silo for several months. (Credit: Roxy Todd / Radio IQ)

The craft brewing industry is driving up demand for barley- which can be used to make malt, one of the main ingredients to make beer. As Roxy Todd reports, a new effort is underway to help more farmers grow malt barley in southwest Virginia.

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Virginia Beer Boom Tries To Break Through With Virginia Barley

craftbeerVirginia’s beer industry is booming and more farmers are delving into the raw ingredients needed to meet the high demand. So why is finding a beer brewed from all-Virginia ingredients still tough? Jessie Knadler reports.

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