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Herring Joins Other Virginia Lawmakers in Refusal of Dominion Money


Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring says he won’t take campaign contributions from the state’s largest utility, Dominion Energy. (Credit: MDFriendofHilary / Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons)

The influence of corporate money has long been a staple of American politics. But now a new political trend is emerging in Virginia to resist campaign contributions from major corporations. Michael Pope reports.

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​Attorney General and Lawmakers Target High-Interest Loans


Teena Hamlin stands outside the Allied Cash Advance in Richmond where she took out a loan in a moment of desperation. (Credit: Michael Pope)

For people who are really hard up for quick cash, reading the fine print of a contract is not always the top priority. That’s how many businesses thrive, charging interest rates in the hundreds to desperate consumers and trapping them in a cycle of debt. Now some elected officials are fighting back. Michael Pope reports.


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AG Mark Herring Believes Some Confederate Monuments Can Legally Be Removed

Trump Travel Ban Lawsuit Virginia

Attorney General Mark Herring (right), seen here following a hearing on President Donald Trump’s travel ban earlier this year, recently released an advisory opinion on the removal of Confederate statues in Virginia. (Credit: AP Photo / Jessica Gresko)

City officials from Charlottesville will be back in court this week as part of their ongoing effort to remove the controversial statue of Robert E. Lee. But, as Michael Pope reports, they now have a new advocate in their corner.


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