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Virginia’s Youth Prison Population Drops by Two-Thirds

Virignia Execution

Prison guards stand on the road near the entrance to the Greenville Correctional Center. (Credit: AP Photo / Steve Helber)

Each year, Virginia spends $187,000 to imprison, and educate, just one child. The high cost, and high population, has led to bipartisan support for restructuring the juvenile justice system. Virginia’s Governor touted the state’s success at a conference Monday. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.


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Five Billion Dollar Proposal to Tackle Largest Youth Incarceration Rate in World


Credit: U.S. Congress

Many young people are disconnected from school and work, a situation that some say can lead to a life of crime and prison. In Virginia Beach, for example, 20 percent of blacks age 16 to 24 are not in school and have no job. Now one Virginia congressman has a very expensive solution. Michael Pope has the story from Capitol Hill.

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