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Craft beer is driving demand for barley. Could farmers in southwest Virginia benefit?

Dan Brann is a barley farmer in Riner, Virginia. For eight years he’s been selling barley to a malting company in Charlottesville. The barley in his hand was harvested in June and has aged in a grain silo for several months. (Credit: Roxy Todd / Radio IQ)

The craft brewing industry is driving up demand for barley- which can be used to make malt, one of the main ingredients to make beer. As Roxy Todd reports, a new effort is underway to help more farmers grow malt barley in southwest Virginia.

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The changing role of Cooperative Extension

Cooperative Extension began, more than 100 years ago, as a service to farm families. (Credit: Virginia Tech)

In the age of climate change, this country’s land grant universities are working overtime to assure that farmers can feed a growing world population.  For Virginia State and Virginia Tech, that means reaching out to cities and to countries around the world.  Sandy Hausman has that story.

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Federal Hemp Survey Could Help Lack of Info in Virginia

Virginia legalized small amounts of marijuana this July, but hemp, which comes from the same plant, has been regulated in the state since 2015. The USDA is asking farmers about their hemp crops for the first time nationwide. The survey could give valuable data to hemp farmers who lack information and for investors looking to build infrastructure for the burgeoning industry. Jahd Khalil has details.


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Virginia Beer Boom Tries To Break Through With Virginia Barley

craftbeerVirginia’s beer industry is booming and more farmers are delving into the raw ingredients needed to meet the high demand. So why is finding a beer brewed from all-Virginia ingredients still tough? Jessie Knadler reports.

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State Legislators Taking Closer Look At Biosolids


David Hudnall and his son, David Hudnall Jr. (Credit: Pamela D’Angelo)

Unless you’re a farmer or an avid gardener, you probably don’t know much about fertilizers. You put some down and your lawn gets greener and your tomatoes bigger. For people living next door to a farm field, fertilizers have become a worry as some farmers use treated human waste to enrich their soil. Pamela D’Angelo reports.

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Cotton Yield Almost Double Last Year’s


Credit: Kimberly Vardeman / Flickr

Most areas of Virginia saw little to no rain for all of September, and that’s actually been a good thing for many farmers. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.

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Virginia Agriculture Jumps By 30% in Four Years


Ben Testa, Abby McDonough, Hanna Waring

Teens Ben Testa, Hannah Waring and Abby McDonough pick strawberries at Wegmeyer Farms in Hamilton, Va. Virginia’s agriculture industries have boomed in recent years.
Credit Carolyn Kaster / AP

Virginia’s largest industry is agriculture, and it’s only getting larger. That’s according to new numbers released Tuesday. Mallory Noe-Payne was at the capitol for the announcement and filed this report. 


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Urban Agriculture Taking Root in Richmond


Credit: Futurilla / Creative Commons

Nearly a third of Virginia is farmland. But farms don’t always have to be in the countryside, they can on rooftops in cities and in small neighborhood gardens. One group in Richmond is training the next generation of URBAN farmers. As Mallory Noe-Payne reports, they’re now offering a federally-approved certificate in urban farming.

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