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How Many Options Will Virginians Have for ACA Health Insurance Providers?

Health Care Overhaul What Now

Credit: Andrew Harnik / AP

Last month, Republicans predicted the Affordable Care Act was on the verge of collapse, but now insurance companies are starting to make plans for the coming year. And so far, Virginia’s marketplace for subsidized health insurance remains strong. Michael Pope has the story.

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How is the ACA Faring in Virginia?

Health Care Overhaul What Now

The future of the ACA exchange in Virginia will soon become clearer according to Jill Hanken at the Virginia Poverty Law Center. (Credit: Andrew Harnik / AP)

Republicans say the Affordable Care Act is in a “death spiral,” and President Trump is expecting the system to “explode.” But what is the state of the newly created health-insurance exchanges in Virginia? Michael Pope takes a look.


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Virginia Democrats Rally for Healthcare


Richmond was the scene of two rallies over the weekend, one of which dealt with Republican’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act. (Credit: Creative Commons)

Democrats rallied in Richmond Sunday – urging Congress to fulfill President-Elect Trump’s promise of better healthcare for the nation.  Senator Tim Kaine says he’s hopeful lawmakers will not repeal the Affordable Care Act without providing an acceptable replacement. Sandy Hausman spoke with him and filed this report.


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