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American Rescue Plan Money is Headed to Virginia; How Should the State Use It?


The federal government is about to spend millions of dollars to rescue Virginia schools. So how will all that money be spent? Michael Pope reports.


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Report: OSIG investigation not thorough, investigator biased

Although no one interfered with an Office of the State Inspector General investigation of the Virginia Parole Board, its lead investigator on a contentious parole decision displayed bias and OSIG’s investigation was not adequately thorough, a law firm tasked with looking into OSIG’s investigation said in a report Monday. Jahd Khalil has details.

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New Polling Shows a Close Gubernatorial Race So Far

Credit: NPR

Now that candidates in the race for governor have been determined, a couple of new polls show it’s already a tight race. Michael Pope reports.

You can take a closer look at the polls here and here.


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Legislative Debates Over VMI Emerge

Debates over legislation governing the Virginia Military Institute are probably on the horizon, spurred by a report by the State Council of Higher Education For Virginia. Jahd Khalil reports.

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State Officials Considering New Heat Stress Regulations

State regulators are working on new standards to protect workers from heat stress. Michael Pope reports.

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This Week’s Primary Turnout Has Some State Democrats Worried

The low turnout in this week’s Democratic primary is causing some Democrats to worry about a lack of enthusiasm. Michael Pope reports.


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The Impact of an All NOVA Democratic Ticket This Fall

Democrats are heading into the fall campaign cycle with a ticket full of northern Virginia candidates. Michael Pope reports that might shape the election dynamics.


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Virginia Votes: Speaking to Voters in Today’s Primary Election

Credit: Jahd Khalil / RADIO IQ

Virginia Democrats find out tonight who will be their nominees for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. Both Democratic and Republican voters in today’s primary are also picking several nominees for state delegate, and some local races. Election officials say turnout has been light. Joe Staniunas caught up with a few people who made it to the polls earlier today.


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Redistricting Commission Seeks Partisan Counsel, Citizen Member Democrats Oppose


Citizen members that were selected by Democrats broke away from the rest of Virginia’s Redistricting Commission in two votes over the character of legal counsel the commission would hire in a meeting Monday. Jahd Khalil reports.


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JLARC Recommends Changes to Marijuana Policies

The Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission recommended that legislators make changes to Virginia’s new marijuana policies such as adding penalties and reconsidering eligibility for social equity licenses ahead of July 1st in a briefing Monday. Jahd Khalil reports.

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There’s a Voter Hotline Available Should You Face Any Problems at the Polls Today

For voters having a hard time casting a ballot in Tuesday’s primary, help is just a phone call away. Michael Pope has details.

If you’re having problems at your polling place, dial 866-OUR VOTE for the Election Protection Hotline. Help is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and several other languages.

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Experts Say Virginia Needs to Hire Many More Teachers and Support Staff

Students are flocking to Virginia schools. But, those schools are not adding staff to support all those new students. Michael Pope has details.

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Glenn Youngkin Has Loaned $12 Million to His Campaign, More Could Be on the Horizon

Credit: Glenn Youngkin’s Campaign Twitter Page; @TeamYoungkin

Candidates are often forced to work the phones raising money. But, one wealthy candidate doesn’t have to worry about that. Michael Pope reports.


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New Climate Normals: A Warmer, Wetter Virginia

A NOAA employee in Asheville, North Carolina resets the index on a pair of minimum/maximum thermometers in a NOAA weather station. The index in the fluid marks the high and low of the day. (Credit: NOAA/Bryant Korzeniewski)

Every decade, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration releases a new analysis of average temperature and precipitation values across the country. The data is used to compile 30-year normals. Nick Gilmore reports on the latest findings and what exactly “normal” is.

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Lt. Gov. Candidate Flips on Dominion Donation Pledge

Credit: Dominion Energy Facebook Page

In recent years, many Democrats have started taking a pledge to resist money from one particular controversial source. Now, that is becoming an issue in the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor. Michael Pope reports.

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Northam Ceremonially Signs Sick Leave Bill for Caregivers

Governor Northam backed a bill granting some home healthcare workers paid sick leave in March. Jahd Khalil was in Richmond Tuesday for a ceremonial signing of the legislation.

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Senator Kaine’s Effort to Combat Maternal Mortality Disparities

Black women continue to die in childbirth at much higher rates than white women. And now, Senator Tim Kaine is hoping to get the United States Senate to do something about it. Michael Pope reports.


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Bicycle Boom: Will Cities Keep Some Pandemic Changes?

The pandemic has rearranged many parts of modern life. And a researcher at Virginia Tech says it also may end up reimagining roads. Michael Pope reports.

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Gun Violence Victims Often Have to Jump Through Many Hoops to Get Compensation

The problem of gun violence is leaving a huge death toll. But what about survivors of gun violence? Michael Pope reports they often face barriers to getting compensation funds coming to them.

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Democratic Primary: How Many Virginians Have Taken Advantage of Early Voting?

The Democratic primary is two weeks away, although voters can vote early right now if they want. Michael Pope reports not many voters have taken advantage of that yet.

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ARP Funding: How Should Virginia School Divisions Use It?


School divisions across Virginia are about to come into a large sum of money thanks to the American Rescue Plan. Michael Pope reports on the debate about what to do with all that money.

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Federal Aid and Unexpected Revenues Could Fund ‘Historic Investments’

Credit: VA Capitol Police Twitter Page; @VaCapitolPolice

Lawmakers are eyeing major investments in infrastructure and programming, as the federal government appropriated billions in relief money and state revenues came in higher than expected. Jahd Khalil reports.


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Predatory Lending Takes Center Stage in Dem. AG Primary

Candidates in the Democratic primary for attorney general are clashing over predatory lending. Michael Pope reports.

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How much is your community getting from ARPA?

The Treasury Department released much-awaited figures regarding aid from the American Rescue Plan Act Monday evening. In total Virginia’s set to receive $7.2 billion. $4.3 billion will go to the state, and $2.9 billion directly to localities. Jahd Khalil has details.

How much will your community receive in ARPA funds?

Accomack County: $6,277,004

Albemarle County: $21,236,071

Alexandria: $59,633,833

Alleghany County: $2,886,381

Amelia County: $2,553,262

Amherst County: $6,138,901

Appomattox County: $3,090,525

Arlington County: $46,003,782

Augusta County: $14,676,256

Bath County: $805,506

Bedford County: $15,344,241

Blacksburg: $13,364,987

Bland County: $1,219,816

Botetourt County: $6,491,249

Bristol: $10,027,374

Brunswick County: $3,152,681

Buchanan County: $4,079,781

Buckingham County: $3,330,798

Buena Vista: $1,258,276

Campbell County: $10,660,768

Caroline County: $5,967,971

Carroll County: $5,786,553

Charles City County: $1,352,481

Charlotte County: $2,307,551

Charlottesville: $19,609,709

Chesapeake: $76,025,897

Chesterfield County: $68,527,653

Christiansburg: $3,115,411

Clarke County: $2,839,569

Colonial Heights: $6,010,090

Covington: $1,075,692

Craig County: $996,637

Culpeper County: $10,217,905

Cumberland County: $1,929,175

Danville: $29,142,851

Dickenson County: $2,781,104

Dinwiddie County: $5,544,337

Emporia: $1,038,398

Essex County: $2,127,492

Fairfax County: $222,894,638

Fairfax City: $4,665,409

Falls Church: $2,839,181

Fauquier County: $13,834,039

Floyd County: $3,059,059

Fluvanna County: $5,296,878

Franklin County: $10,885,502

Franklin City: $1,547,496

Frederick County: $17,348,003

Fredericksburg: $10,782,747

Galax: $1,232,830

Giles County: $3,247,664

Gloucester County: $7,254,411

Goochland County: $4,613,742

Grayson County: $3,020,405

Greene County: $3,849,608

Greensville County: $2,201,885

Halifax County: $6,586,814

Hampton: $48,660,418

Hanover County: $20,932,282

Harrisonburg: $23,834,094

Henrico County: $64,257,518

Henry County: $9,820,105

Highland County: $425,382

Hopewell: $9,998,813

Isle of Wight County: $7,207,988

James City County: $14,863,696

King George County: $5,212,578

King William County: $3,330,798

King and Queen County: $1,364,524

Lancaster County: $2,059,508

Lee County: $4,549,643

Leesburg: $5,927,673

Lexington: $1,446,298

Loudoun County: $80,324,909

Louisa County: $7,301,611

Lunenburg County: $2,368,930

Lynchburg: $33,328,529

Madison County: $2,575,794

Manassas Park: $3,394,897

Manassas: $7,980,280

Martinsville: $2,438,467

Mathews County: $1,715,901

Mecklenburg County: $5,941,166

Middlesex County: $2,055,429

Montgomery County: $19,139,269

Nelson County: $2,899,977

New Kent County: $4,485,156

Newport News: $66,794,246

Norfolk: $154,141,050

Northampton County: $2,274,530

Northumberland County: $2,349,312

Norton: $773,263

Nottoway County: $2,958,637

Orange County: $7,196,722

Page County: $4,642,683

Patrick County: $3,420,148

Petersburg: $20,961,839

Pittsylvania County: $11,723,057

Poquoson: $2,383,498

Portsmouth: $56,842,564

Powhatan County: $5,759,553

Prince Edward County: $4,429,021

Prince George County: $7,449,621

Prince William County: $91,357,060

Pulaski County: $6,609,346

Radford: $8,228,392

Rappahannock County: $1,431,536

Richmond County: $1,752,612

Richmond City: $154,879,828

Roanoke County: $18,294,526

Roanoke City: $64,576,671

Rockbridge County: $4,384,541

Rockingham County: $15,917,438

Russell County: $5,164,019

Salem: $4,914,423

Scott County: $4,188,943

Shenandoah County: $8,471,897

Smyth County: $5,847,349

Southampton County: $3,424,615

Spotsylvania County: $26,458,167

Stafford County: $29,695,536

Staunton: $12,955,826

Suffolk: $30,065,296

Surry County: $1,247,398

Sussex County: $2,167,505

Tazewell County: $7,885,103

Virginia Beach: $136,429,703

Warren County: $7,801,386

Washington County: $10,438,365

Waynesboro: $9,046,603

Westmoreland County: $3,499,203

Williamsburg: $2,904,639

Winchester: $12,337,682

Wise County: $7,261,210

Wythe County: $5,571,531

York County: $13,262,590

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Beyer Legislation Seeks to Educate About New Number for Suicide Prevention Hotline

For years, suicide prevention advocates have been pressing for a three digit telephone number that could serve as a hotline to save lives. Now, one Virginia congressman has a bill to help make it a reality. Michael Pope reports.


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VDH Spends $1.7 Million on Ads in March and April

The Virginia Department of Health spent $1.7 million in March and April on ads promoting vaccinations and public health measures, according to April 21st data from the department. Jahd Khalil reports.

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A Final Preview of Saturday’s Republican Convention

This weekend, Republicans will be holding a multi-location convention to select their statewide nominees. Michael Pope has this preview.


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Northam: Virginia on Track to See COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted on June 15th

Some changes related to pandemic restrictions in Virginia are on the horizon. Nick Gilmore reports.

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Democratic AG Candidates Focus on New Units

The Democratic primary for attorney general is entering its final phase, and the candidates are trying to draw distinctions between each other over how they will run the office. Michael Pope reports.


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Collective Bargaining: Will Other Localities Follow Alexandria Model?

Credit: City of Alexandria Facebook Page

Last year, the General Assembly passed a new law that allows employees of local governments to engage in collective bargaining. Michael Pope reports on the first local government that has entered into a new agreement with labor.


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A Look at the Voting Changes That Will Be in Place This Year

Voters will be heading to the polls on June 8th in primary elections across Virginia. And, the voting has already started. Michael Pope reports.

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CNU Poll: McAuliffe Holds Commanding Lead in Democratic Primary

Credit: NPR

With six weeks before the Democratic primary, a new poll shows the race for the party’s gubernatorial nomination is a lopsided one. Michael Pope has details.


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Republicans to Use Ranked Choice Voting for May 8th Primary

Republicans are preparing to select their statewide candidates in a May 8th convention. And, as Michael Pope reports, they’ll be using a new method of selecting winners.

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Reopening Schools and Curriculum Become Hot Topics Among Republican Candidates

Credit: NPR

On the campaign trail, education is a hot topic. And, the debate doesn’t just revolve around reopening schools. It’s also about what’s being taught. Michael Pope explains.

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Northam Endorses McAuliffe in Democratic Gubernatorial Primary

McAuliffe’s official portrait from his last stint as Virginia’s Governor.

One of the biggest endorsements in Virginia politics came out Thursday. Governor Ralph Northam threw his support behind former Governor Terry McAuliffe who wants his old job back. Jahd Khalil reports on what it could mean.  

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Now That Virginia Has Legalized Marijuana, What’s Happens Next?

Credit: U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Now that lawmakers have taken action to legalize marijuana, they still need to make decisions about how the new industry will be regulated. Michael Pope reports.


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Parole Board Controversy Will Get Independent Investigation

Legislators approved a budget amendment funding an independent investigation into the Office of the State Inspector General Wednesday, as Republican lawmakers said the investigation’s scope sidestepped critical issues. Jahd Khalil reports.


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General Assembly Passes Northam Amendment, Marijuana to Be Legalized July 1st

Credit: U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

The Democrat-controlled Virginia General Assembly voted Wednesday to accept Gov. Ralph Northam’s proposed changes to a marijuana legalization bill that will allow limited possession and cultivation of the drug beginning in July. Michael Pope has details.

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Five Democrats Seeking Nomination for Governor Debate at VSU

Credit: NPR

The Democratic primary for governor is only two months away, and the campaign is heating up. The five candidates seeking the party’s nomination have met for the first televised debate of the primary season. Michael Pope has details.


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A Look at the FOIA-Related Bills That Made Moves in the General Assembly This Year

The General Assembly is full of part-time lawmakers, people who bring their professional experience to the legislature. And that includes former journalists. Michael Pope has more.

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More Virginians Eligible for Child Care Subsidies

Virginia has temporarily expanded eligibility for child care subsidies to include those looking for work and families who make less than 85% of the average income in Virginia. Jahd Khalil reports.


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Lawmakers to Vote on Amendment Allowing Magistrates to Carry Firearms in State Buildings

This week, lawmakers will be considering an amendment to a bill they sent to Governor Ralph Northam earlier this year that bans guns at state buildings. The governor’s amendment creates an exemption for magistrates. Michael Pope reports.

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The State of COVID-19 Vaccinations in Virginia’s Prisons

It’s been more than a year since Virginia prisons locked down to try and stop the spread of COVID-19. The state has offered vaccine to every inmate, but restrictions are still in place and are unlikely to be lifted any time soon. In part one of a series, Sandy Hausman tells why.

Because the risk of a deadly COVID outbreak was especially high in state prisons, and because the disease could easily spread to surrounding communities through staff, inmates and employees were among the first Virginians to get vaccine. However, nearly a third of prisoners and more than 40% of staff have refused it.  That means significant restrictions remain in place, and frustration behind bars is building as Sandy Hausman reports in part two.

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Va. News: Two Virginia Students Make History

Credit: VPAP

A pair of students – one at the University of Virginia, the other at Virginia Military Institute – have made history at their schools this spring. More from Fred Echols.

Those have been among the most read stories over the past week at the Virginia Public Access Project’s VA News link.

Kasey Meredith (Credit: VMI)
Abel Liu (Credit: Business Wire)


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State Lawmakers to Consider Northam’s Facial Recognition Bill Amendment Next Week

Lawmakers will be reconsidering a bill on facial recognition technology when they meet next week. Michael Pope reports.


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A Silver Lining of Redistricting Census Delays

Population data from the 2020 Census was scheduled to be in the hands of Virginia’s Redistricting Commission in March. Now that it’s expected to arrive in August and September, the commissioners are taking the time to get acquainted with each other, and the processes of government business. Jahd Khalil reports.

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Sunsetting Coal Tax Credits: Where Will That Money Go Now?

The coal industry in Virginia is shrinking, and coal tax credits are on their way out. Michael Pope has this report on where the money that once helped subsidize the industry will go next.

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Officials to Provide Recommendations on Improving 911 Infrastructure

Credit: Wellness GM / Flickr, Creative Commons:

If you or someone you cared about faced an emergency, and you needed to call for help, how would you call 911? Chances are you’d reach for your cell phone. But, as Jahd Khalil reports, aging 911 infrastructure sometimes doesn’t match up with cell technology.

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Full Speed Ahead on Major Initiative to Cut Down on I-95 Congestion, Expand Amtrak Access

Governor Ralph Northam before Tuesday’s announcement (Credit: Michael Pope)

Railroads once dominated transportation in Virginia until the invention of the automobile. Now, rail is making a comeback. Michael Pope has the story.

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May Elections in Virginia Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

This spring will see the last ever May elections for local government, as Michael Pope reports.


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