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McAuliffe Threatens Executive Action After Regulators Decline to Crack Down on Car Title Lenders


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Earlier this year, Virginia lawmakers were considering several bills that would have cracked down on the car-title lending industry, a business that’s come under increasing scrutiny and mounting criticism. None of those bills passed, although two powerful state senators wrote a letter to regulators asking them to take care of it. Now Michael Pope has the latest twist in the ongoing investigation – state regulators now say they don’t have the authority to take action.

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Formerly Rural Areas Urbanizing With Little Job Growth


Payton Knobeloch / WVTF

As more and more people move to Virginia’s metropolitan areas, the suburban and ex-urban areas surrounding them are experiencing their own growing pains. And as Michael Pope Tells us, they’re changing in ways that might not be obvious.

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Loudoun, Chesterfield Counties Lead in Job Growth


Courtesy of Creative Commons / neetalparekh

New numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show two Virginia jurisdictions leading the nation during the early part of this year. Michael Pope reports.


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Congressional Redistricting Shakes Up Virginia Primary

Virginia_flag_mapYesterday’s Virginia Primary saw longtime incumbent Representative Bob Goodlatte claim victory in the 6th Congressional District GOP primary, while U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes’ faced a loss due to a newly redrawn Virginia congressional map. Mallory Noe-Payne has this and more in this report.


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Indian Prime Minister Visits Congress, Influences Lawmakers


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Last week Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was granted the rare audience of the entire US Congress, and Virginia lawmakers were listening especially closely. Matt Laslo reports from the Capitol on what many lawmakers say is quickly becoming one of the most important US allies in the region.

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Virginia’s Fine Arts Museum Puts ‘Blackness’ Center-Stage, with Kehinde Wiley


Credit Mallory Noe-Payne / WVTF

Virginia’s Museum of Fine Arts unveiled its newest exhibit this weekend. It’s a big get for the VMFA. The museum is one of only 7 stops for this particular collection, and the only in the southeast.

But it’s special for another reason. The display is a mid-career retrospective from artist Kehinde Wiley, a young black man who’s a pop star of the art world. The exhibit represents an effort by the museum to diversify both its collection, and its audience. Mallory Noe-Payne reports.

While in town, Kehinde Wiley sat down at the VMFA to talk to Chioke I’Anson. I’Anson is a radio producer and professor of African-American Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. He began by asking Wiley what it means to have his works on display in Richmond…

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VaNews Topics: Portsmouth Ad Campaign, Inmate Labor

VPAPnewThe city of Portsmouth’s new ad campaign is under fire for lack of diversity … and questions are raised regarding liability for inmates performing labor in Suffolk. Those have been among the most read stories over the past week at the Virginia Public Access Project’s VaNews link on More by Fred Echols.


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Justice for Kionte Spencer Group Meets with U.S. Attorney John Fishwick

IMG_0991Members of the advocacy group Justice for Kionte Spencer met with U.S. Attorney John Fishwick in Roanoke Monday morning to discuss their demands regarding the death of the 18-year-old student back in February. Payton Knobeloch has more on this story.

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Gloucester County School Board Asks Supreme Court to Appeal Transgender Bathroom Ruling


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, illustration by ParaDox

Did the Obama administration go too far when it directed the nation’s schools to let transgender students use bathrooms of their choice? The Gloucester County School board is asking the United States Supreme Court to consider their appeal of a fourth circuit ruling allowing a transgender student to use the boys bathroom. Michael Pope has the story.


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Virginia Democrats Call for Republicans to Repudiate Trump’s Comments on Judge


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Photo by Michael Vadon

Democrats in Virginia are calling on Republicans to repudiate comments from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who says a federal judge is unfit to rule in a civil case against him because he has Mexican heritage. Michael Pope reports.


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